Amazon Prime Day 2016

Not working anymore

Can’t have other deals, other than the gift card one, also make sure you have the visa selected as payment option. Supposed to work till midnight.

Don’t know why not working, I had one item, not other deals and I had my Amazon Visa selected.

Says “expired” not invalid. So not sure why it will not work for me.

Nah, the hub has batteries for backup power.

You can remove them.

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Here’s my solution for Iphone users

IDEV0001P5 switch and an APC back up

Remove batteries from the hub, Plug the switch into the APC back up.

You’ll have battery back up and the ability to power cycle

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This has been much discussed in the forums.

The V2 does indeed have batteries which will last for three or four hours.

The issue that arises is that occasionally after SmartThings pushes out a firmware update, the devices at a customer’s home will stop working and the recommended solution is to powercycle the hub.

That’s fine if you yourself are physically in the same building and are capable of doing that. (I myself am quadriparetic with limited hand function, and cannot push buttons.)

But maybe you’re traveling. Or maybe the hub is at a vacation home or a rental property hundreds of miles away. So how can you force a reboot? As you mentioned, if the hub is on batteries it will just go to battery status and that will not force the reboot.

There is a reboot option in the IDE, but if the hub is not responsive that won’t do you any good.

So quite a few community members have plugged their hub into a networkable switch which is usable even when SmartThings is unavailable. Commonly a WeMo switch, but the switch discussed up thread also works and is less expensive.

To use this method, you have to take the batteries out of the V2 hub.

So then some people go one step further and add a UPS as well. But still one that can be powercycled remotely even if SmartThings is down.

So the use case here is not about providing alternative power to the hub. Rather it is about providing a method to power cycle the hub when it is nonresponsive.

As I mentioned, much discussion in the forums. The following is a typical thread.


And need to be replaced monthly even if no power outages.

UPS is a much better choice IMHO . Side note that I have not noticed the extremely heat issue with the V2 hub once I pulled the batteries out and plugged it into a UPS. Remember you also need to have your modem, router and all network switches on UPS(es) also or you will still be SOL if there is a power outage.

:slight_smile: OK OK, I got it. No need to go so much off topic because of my comment.
I have an UPS there where my modem, router, network switch and file server are, and it actually has the capabilities to cycle power each of its output plugs, so I can do it that way if I want. At the moment the ST hub is connected to one of the non-battery powered outs of the UPS, just for surge protection. I will consider removing the batteries and moving it to another output of the UPS. The thing is, since I have the hub I think only once I needed to reboot it… Maybe I am lucky.

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Is there a DTH for this?

How does that compare with any of the LEDENET controllers? (other than that this is ZigBee and those are WiFi)

It’s a ZLL device, so if you have a Hue bridge it should pair to the bridge and be easily controllable from that. :sunglasses:

If you want to connect it directly to smartthings without using Hue in between, see the following thread


Any good suggestions on what to use the $10-off-$20 for ordering with Alexa? (or Only useful thing for me that I can get Alexa to find directly so far is a MultiSensor 6 (normally $49.95) since I can’t otherwise find that discounted anywhere.

I am going nuts with this deal, everything I want to buy Alexa doesn’t seem to understand when I ask it to buy the item.

Not really integrated with ST but a great Porch Light/camera system $159 Lightning deal until 8:30pm PST or sells out. If the VISA30 code still works, then take off another $30.

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Out of personal experience, a thief will most likely use your patio door for forced entry. Unless you place this light next to your patio door, it may not help much. And after having my house broken into, I prefer that the thief sees that I have cameras. I want him to see, hoping it would deter them. Once in, camera or no camera is not of much help - that “violated” feeling persists whether the thief is caught or not. Not, in my case.

I think more people will use it to see who’s at the front door. It has built-in speaker so you can talk to whoever is there. You can also use it to see when all the stuff you bought today shows up on your porch. :smile:

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Shows up or departs your porch LOL

What about the $33 fire tablet? Wouldn’t that make a decent smarttiles interface?


It does! :wink:

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