Amazon Fire Tabs on sale for Prime Members 7" $35 8" $55

7" Fire $15 off
8" Fire HD $25 off

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Only complaint is the limit of 1 $15/$25 discount per account.

Those are the prices with Amazon ads on the 16GB size. Without the ads they are $15 more and the 32GB is another bump in price.

I’ve rooted mine. Just take a few mins. Removed ads and added google play store apps

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Being able to get play store apps instead of just amazon store is a good incentive to root. Most I would need this tablet for can be done with what’s available on amazon but sometimes google play store is needed.

$55 for a 8" tablet that I can root and just use for SmartThings in place of my old alarm system keypad is a great deal. Thanks for posting.

FYI - this is for the 5th gen tablet. These new ones are 7th gen and arn’t rootable yet. But should be able to add the play store to.


Found this. Haven’t tried it.

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I installed Google launcher and Play Store/Services without root on all 3 of mine. XDA threads lay the process out well.

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Got my tablet today, followed the above instructions to get play store installed and then got SmartThings working. 8" tablet for $53 shipped is a really good deal. Thanks!

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FYI - you can’t root these but you CAN remove the ads, add Google Play Store, and some other things. I got mine auto launching FireFox with ActionTiles for my security system. Will update that post on how I did it.

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Tried it. It works.