For those interested in mounting a tablet

So I know this is talked about in a ton of other threads, but just saw this this AM. Typically, I know people either by older tabs or by cheapy android tabs off ebay. Looks Amazon is selling a scaled back version of the tab for $50!!! You can even back a pack of 6 of them and get the 6th free! So for $250 you can get 6 tablets. Respectable specs as well. I feel better running with an Amazon built tab as opposed to some overseas clone.

Only downside, runs Fire OS. I am going to wait to see if the Android dev community can hack it to run vanilla Android. If so…I think I may throw a few dollars Amazon’s way and grab some. They are not small but not big either. Looks like a perfect base to create small wall interfaces.

Curious what everyone thinks…like I said, the brand quality for that price is VERY appealing to me.