Amazon Fire 7 onsale for $39.99 ($10 off)


I am so pissed at Amazon. I ordered this not six hours before they dropped the price. Amazon is refusing to match the price or give me a credit. I tried 8 hours ago to simply cancel the order and the system refused to canceling saying it was too close to shipping. But…eight hours later it has still not shipped. Urrrrrrr

just return them when they come. I’ve told amazon on the phone before that was my plan if they don’t accept the cancellation and they’ve usually caved

Yeah, I tried that…they did not cave . I hope to be home to refuse the delivery…ten items…seven hundred dollars of stuff…

Yea they are usually really good at price corrections. I ordered a mower just over a week ago then it popped up $90 at home depot I called Amazon at first they said they would send a label to return it then without me complaining they just decided to issue the credit. IT saved then the return and a used product and me the hassle of the return.

Seems like something is missing here. In my experience, they said they will give a partial refund to ‘price correct’ up to a week after placing the order.

So, if they won’t even do it 6 hours later, it suggests to me that either they have changed their policy, or the person you spoke with is ignorant about Amazon policy, or something is missing in this story.


Nothing missing. I buy a ton of stuff off Amazon, and never had a price drop issue till today. With a company like Paribus, who actually has automated the price drop request, I am wondering if Amazon has changed the policy.

They have also told me a week is the timeframe for a price match on their site if it drops. First time I did one I was one day over and no issue, This time I was in the week but since it was not a drop on their site I figured I’d have to return it but nope again they issued one. I would call and talk to another rep.

Can’t you just buy another one with the deal now, and return the first order?

Yes, and I plan too…but I will be refusing an order with 10 items that cost around $700…i will then reorder everything. Amazon is being penny wise and pound foolish.

Gee… That’s a lot of work to save $10… Worth thinking about, man.


BestBuy is also has the $39.99 price.

(I doubt I’ll get one running 5.0.1 like last time, but I’ll try)


Don’t forget it now comes in colors: Blue, Magenta, Tangerine.

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Apparently, so does Staples and Toys"R"Us.

Darn-it, didn’t need another one, but BLUE! Guess I’ll have to re-purpose my “old” one for something, kitchen companion perhaps.


Kindle sale $39 new $30 refurbs.
ends today 5/7 .

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