16 GB Fire 5th gen essentials bundle $59

16 GB Fire 5th gen , with screen protector and Amazon Origami case Use code FIREBUNDLE to take extra $28 off the bundle sale price of $88

Saw this yesterday.

Great price for the 16GB if you need the extra space (great for downloading some episodes of your favorite Amazon Prime show for the road).

I keep the 8GB inside the door of one of my kitchen cabinet’s. It’s connected to my Sonos, my Anova Sous Vide, and I’ll sometimes pull up SmartTiles on it (have not put my ActionTiles link on it yet).
I do have the ST app on it so I can check things directly in the app on it without leaving the kitchen.
With the ability to push the home button for Alexa, it makes it a very affordable add-on for ST. Slightly more than a Dot or Fabriq. Dot can be plugged into a regular speaker if you have one. Fabriq can be a networked speaker. All have their merits, but I think the Tablet offers a little bit more versatility.

The screen protector would be a nice addition for a kitchen unit and I may end up getting one at some point.

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