Amazon - Fire HD 8 - 8" - Tablet - 16GB 8th Generation, 2018 - 2 for $80 at Best Buy

Amazon - Fire HD 8 - 8" - Tablet - 16GB 8th Generation, 2018 Release

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Great deal. Highly recommend these over 7”


Have wayyyy too many of these but this is too good to pass up! Probably give them away for Christmas Gifts.

If you put these in “Show” mode on a dock. You would then remove the dot from that room? Or can they co exist? With say the HD8 by couch to show stuff (camera feeds, feedback and such) or do you have to ask that specific HD8 in order for it to show stuff?

Just trying to learn how it all.meshes together.

Whichever one hears the command better will be the one to respond. If you have a tablet always on and listening, you can move the Dot to another area.

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There is a setting that you enable to allow the Tablets to “Show” useful information when you ask one the the Echo devices.

This is different than “Show” mode…

For example, I can ask the Echo in my bedroom what is 2+2. The Echo will tell me the answer and will display the equation to all the other Tabelts in the house. Pretty cool.

I have, I believe about 35 Echos and Tablets around the house. Some rooms have a Dot, Echo and Tablets and I turn off the Mic for those that I do not want to respond to voice.

Why all of those devices in one room?..Well that’s simple. The Dots are great for hooking up to bigger sound systems via Bluetooth or 3.5mm jack and they are super cheap! The problem I had was once you plug into the Aux out, the internal speaker was silenced. This meant you had to have on your sound system in order to hear the responses. This issue can be overcome by just using a Bluetooth connection.

The other issue was, until recently, that once you connected your Echo device to Bluetooth, you couldn’t use it in a Whole House Audio Multi-Room (WHA) setup. This is no longer the case. You can now sync WHA with an Echo device that is connected to another device via Bluetooth!

Well hell, now I got a bunch of useless Dots…Hmmm

Here comes the Echo Sub. Nice concept but flawed…Hmmmm

I gave the Echo Sub a go but realized quickly that I have better subs just sitting around collecting dust. I connected my spare subs to Dots and synced them to various WHA groups.

So much flexibility. I have the subs on SmartPlugs so they are not just using energy on standby.

Moral of the story is, yes, they play very nice together!


Thanks, I had assumed that, I was just thinking the dots are designed to listen well (almost too well) where the tablet wouldn’t be. So would be nice to use dots for mic and tablets for display.

Thanks, sounds like a new adventure to throw money at and see if I can get them working together like I vision it.

Thanks for the hands up about the setting.

Upon further self education (Googling) I guess there is also a “voicecast” mode for Fire tablets. Hmmm the plot thickens, I don’t know if it still works with all the recent advances Amazon has made.

Voicecast is the setting I was referring to. It’s the setting that displays useful information on the Tablets when you are interacting with an Echo device.

BTW, the new Fire Tablets allows Alexa to be invloked even while in standby mode.

Didn’t know this changed, thanks!

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