Amazon fire tablet and multi room music

(Jay) #1

Does anyone know if you can add the fire tablets to a echo multi room music group?

(Mark) #2

You can’t.

(Realy Living Dream) #3

Given the " high quality" of the Fire speakers, why would you want to ?

(Ron Talley) #4

Aux out to some type of better audio system? I actually tried this and was also a little disappointed that I couldn’t as I was planning on replacing some of my dots with Fire10s.

(Jay) #5

Just wanted the rooms that don’t have echos in but have tablets to play the same music.


Amazon will gladly sell you another tablet like device just for that purpose. The Echo Show.

Dots are cheaper now than before $39.99 on sale vs $49.99 regular price. The sale might be over soon but they have been on sale a lot lately. With Dots you can have multi-room music playing.

(Ron Talley) #7

Coming back to this. I love that the Show “shows” the lyrics as audio plays when it’s included in a multi room setup. Since I have Tablets all over the place on walls, it would be super cool if they could display the lyrics like the Show…

(Jay) #8

The fire 10 and the new 8 can, as you can make them act like a show now.

(Ron Talley) #9

Even in Show Mode, my 10s do not show up as Echo Devices in the Alexa App…At least not to my knowledge.


Same here with my HD8 in the show cradle