Amazon Echo Uk Power

Hi Guys,

Those of you who have an Amazon Echo is the UK, how are you powering it? I’ve been looking at US110V to UK230V step down transformers but all of them on Amazon say they are for short term use only, and the Echo needs to be powered 24/7

Can anyone link to an item they know works and is safe?


I’d check with the power adapter, it should read “21W, 100-240V, 0.6A, 50/60Hz, Output - 15V - 1.4A” - if so, all you need is an adapter from the UK plug to the US receptacle. UK uses 220V@50Hz.

@kraegd mine came with the official multi voltage US plug. All I needed was a cheap travel adapter from Tesco.

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Yes, the adaptor support 240v, I’m using it with simple adaptor that can support US 2 pin.

You can power on/ off it as you like :wink:

Thanks guys, roll on when mines arrives in a few weeks :slight_smile:

Is there still not indication of when we can expect these to launch officially in the UK then? :frowning:

Sadly not, family member bringing mine over.

I think it’ll be soon with the announcement of Google Home. It’ll be a case of Do or Die for Amazon when that is released.