Smartthings Outside US

Hi All

I’m considering buying a US smartthings hub, as I can’t seem to order a UK version anywhere and I would also like a Amazon Echo, so i figured that I might as well order both from Amazon com.
I live In Denmark and know that the z-wave part would have to be US only. But If i where to use It for Wifi Plugs, Philips Hue, Logitech harmony hub (all of these brought within the EU) and a Amazon Echo, would I be ok?


  • Lonberg

You can’t order one here…?

(Note: the forum doesn’t show the full URL path in the preview, below (annoying) - click on it to see what I mean…)

Nope, the country tab is grey both places and can’t be changed :confused:

Kristian - Ive offered to buy in the UK and ship to other parts of Europe for other people.
Happy to do so for you.
Message me if intersted.