Amazon Echo rolls out Echo Spatial Perception

Mine works great!!!


What is the software version that has this feature? I have two Alexa that always trump each other…

All mine still have 4008

Under “Settings” mine says “Device software version 4008”. I’m quite impressed how well it works. Oddly, the reduced sound quality of the Dot over Echo is more apparent to me now. When they spoke over each other it wasn’t as noticeable.

I’ve had 4008 for awhile now don’t think it’s the new version

It is working for me. I have two echos and four dots and I never changed the trigger word.

Maybe the logic is in the cloud and doesn’t need a firmware update.

4148 is the new one. One of mine just updated

Mine still says 4008.

My other two still do too

My four still show 4008. Any way to force update these things?

Ask her?

Reboot her?

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From the article…

ESP will hit first-generation Echoes and Dots first, with another round coming to generation two in the coming weeks.

All mine are first gen. Going to reboot one right now…Can’t believe I didn’t even think of that.

Didn’t work, too easy…asking her didn’t either. Guess I’ll sleep on it :wink:

Edit: Looks like waiting is the only option:

I have the first gen echo with 6 dots on order. Still running 4008.

This has to be a cloud update because I have 4008 which works great. 4148 must be for another feature (push?).

I have one updated two others still nothing probably doing it in batches. When you see the blue ringing spinning for no reason it’s updating.

Since I started this thread I figure I can hijack it…

Back in September Amazon sent an email promoting Echo’s election skills, for example “Alexa, what’s the latest with Donald Trump?” So I tried it out:

“Alexa, what’s the latest with Gary Johnson?”

She responded with:

“Sorry, I don’t have the answer to that question.”

OK, so I tried it last night figuring they will now have something and I get:

“Sorry, I don’t have the answer to that question.”

So I go to the app where you can indicate “Did Alexa do what you wanted?”.

Today I get an email response:

“I’m sorry, but I wasn’t able to determine exactly what kind of help you need and the issue you are facing from your email. so I’ll need more details to help you with your issue.”

From what I read, if you press mute on Alexa and leave it alone for 30 minutes or so it should trigger a firmware update (if available). I left 2 of mine on mute all night but I am still at 4008. I can’t wait for 4148 as these two particular Alexas keep competing on answering as it is really annoying especially when you have to go to two different rooms to tell them to STOP. Hopefully ESP will fix that for good! If it doesn’t I might have to buy a baseball bat :wink:

Guys… I’m telling you it does NOT require a firmware update. I have 4008 and ESP works great. All within earshot light up but only the closest answers.

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