Ecobee4 Firmware ESP

I just got an E-Mail this morning from Ecobee stating that they are beginning to roll out the firmware update to include Echo Spatial Perception. I know some of us have been wanting this for a while…tired of my bedroom responding when I am talking to my thermostat.

"Your feedback is always important to us, and when you ask for something, we listen. Today, we’re excited to announce that “ESP” (Echo Spatial Perception) now works with your ecobee4!

This comes in handy when you have more than one Alexa device in your home. With ESP, only the Alexa device closest to you will respond to your command.

Now when you say “Alexa” to your ecobee4, Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot, only the device you’re closest to will respond. With this latest firmware update, ecobee4 will play well with others and gives you the best experience in whole-home voice control."

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Crossing fingers! About time :sunglasses: ESP ghost mode

How do we upgrade the firmware. I can’t find any documentation for this. If we have to rely on ecobee to do it, that would be a flaw in the system - I would rather have control of my IoT products as to when they get updated.

I think we have to wait for them to do it. But, most of these types of updates are always staged so they can get feedback and prevent one update from screwing up every device out there. I don’t work for them so I do not know.