New Amazon Echo Wake Word - "Computer"

Noticed that one of my Echo’s was updating itself last night,

Checked this afternoon and it now has Device software version 4812.

It also has the option to change the wake word to “Computer”

Possibly a nod to Star Trek ?


“Possibly”? You can bet the farm on it.


My Echo has it too. None of my Dots though.

When will HAL be a wake word?

It would be interesting to be able to wake it with HAL and have it respond in a manly voice. Then wake it with Alexa and have it respond in the female voice it currently has. Saying Hal then having a female voice would just be weird.


I love that movie…if only because it’s a reminder that something can be both stupid and brilliantly entertaining at the same time.

And…RIP Alan Rickman. Now I’m going to go see if there’s a pub.


I just checked mine and I don’t have that option. Is there a way to force an update?

No update here either. Device software version 4540.
You can force an update but I’ve tried on both my Echos and nothing came through.
To force an update hit the Mute button then leave it muted for 30mins or so it should then update if one is available.

For UK based people I can’t help but think of Chris Tarant saying “Computer, talk away one incorrect answer” on Who wants to be a millionaire

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Just checked and I now have the update to 4812 on both my UK Echos.

New wake word ‘Computer’ is there.
It seems my Dot was updated as well as that has the new Wake word too.

how do you set this up? I already have WOL/Magic packet both enabled on my PC & can turn on by sending a magic packet from router, but would be great if i can ask Alexa to turn on PC

My echo and my dots all have this option now. It’s tempting from a nostalgia standpoint, but I think there would be a lot of accidental wake-ups from tv shows/movies and from general conversation. I’ll probably leave it as “Alexa”, but I may try it out for a while.

I thought about that too but really I don’t say the word computer very often… and it could get fun when I’m nostalgic and am watching Star Trek TNG… in fact I would love it if Amazon threw in a few Easter eggs if someone says it on ST TNG…

This isn’t quite what you think. This thread refers to changing Alexas name to Computer. So that you trigger her by saying “Computer.”

I was expecting this too, but after running with this for the last few days, I’ve found that I’ve had far fewer false wake-ups than Alexa. In fact, “computer” seems very strict in the way you say it also. YMMV but for myself it seems better. Only problem I’m finding is re-programming myself to say computer instead of Alexa… old dog new tricks.

I have several Echos in my house and the firmware update didn’t hit all of my devices at the same time. As such it took me a while to get it right and occasionally I would say Computer when I needed to say Alexa… :grinning: