Evohome Integration

Does anyone know why HIVE heating hasn’t been properly incorporated?

I know there is a work around but surely if Evo home is have should be?

Evohome does not have an official integration

Honeywell home does. Is that not Evo home?

Nope Honeywell home does not include Evohome

Fair enough. I thought they would be one and the same.

Think ST is coming to an end…

I wish. I had to revive an old custom Evohome integration to make it work.

Can you send me the details of that and also, will it work once the IDE closes this year?

Sure here it is but no it will not work.

Actually i don’t think it is coming to an end. Smartthings is better than everything except Home Assistant but it is still in the middle of their huge migration process.

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Thanks for that.

I’ve noticed there are a lot of integrations with third party apps but they need to include the big hitters like Hive, Evo home etc.

When does the over haul complete?

Just noticed this on the Aeotec website. My understadning is that the ST hub V3 is basically the Aeotec hub re-branded (more reasons to believe ST is being ditched?). Are we saying that none of the below include the Honeywell Evo Home system?


Yeap. ST is not going anywhere. TCC is the US integration only.

Sorry TCC?

Along with SMS support, which sucks!

I think the lack of communication is the big issue. If you’re not in the US you’re left not knowing what’s next for ST.

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SmartThings published their API For the new platform about a year ago, so it is now up to the device manufacturers to create and maintain their integrations. So you should contact the manufacturer for the devices you would like to see integrated and ask them to create a smartthings integration.


Total Connect Comfort EU

Been there done that. They Don’t give a s#!t. I either have to move to HA or get a Nest thermostat which i don’t want to as i really don’t like Google and its practices.


Heatmiser are similar, they have a suggestion page for users, Smartthings integration was under consideration for over a year, with plenty of users requesting the integration, infact as it stands right now ST integration is No1 user request

Not planned is the tag now… requesting company’s to join ST is pointless, look at Fibaro, another company not interested in creating integrations

Samsung should be doing the donkey work for them, especially as they are the reason the old integrations are either dead or soon to be dead


Well, we can hope that the new Matter standard takes off in 2022 and that smartthings implements it without requiring custom code and then we might see many new integrations for base functionality. No way to know for sure, yet, but I think it’s a good direction. so I’m optimistic for the long term. :sunglasses:

I am seriously considering switching to HA before that.

What is HA?

I looked at habitat but that didn’t seem to have much more. To be fair I think ST does have quite a few integrations with third parties but as I said they’re missing the big hitters.

If it is down to the companies I wonder if it’s to do with licencing. Hive advertise as being compatible with Apple home kit. So maybe a deal has been done that limits them?

I wouldn’t really invest in Google. They tend to bin stuff off pretty quick if it doesn’t make them money fast.

In the meantime the customer looses out.

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