Amazon Echo and Weather Alerts

Wondering if anyone has their Amazon Echo to alert for severe weather alerts in their area. Like what a NOAA Weather Radio would alert for. ie Severe Thunderstorm, Tornado, Flash Flood. Looking to get it to make a specific sound and then read the alert until either it expires or Alexa is told to stop.

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Not going to happen, because Alexa is voice activated device, not a trigger based device.

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You can get that using askAlexa, but you have to trigger it. It isn’t automatic.

All of our cell phones automatically alert us, so when they start making that horrible noise I just ask Alexa.

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What @bamarayne said…it can’t just wake up and alert you, but you could run a voice macro within Ask Alexa and it will alert you to severe weather.

How…? Plus 10

How to set up a weather alert? Basically, create a voice report macro…in the weather area there will be a switch to speak the voice report…when you run the report it will tell you the severe weather warning…if you don’t have it turned on, it will simply say ‘There is a severe weather warning for this area. Turn on full reporting to hear this report’ or something like that…does that help?

Thanks…will try that

Funny that you asked this question because in my area we had tons of rain and a lot of flash flood alerts, and last night my wife said my phone was making the loud weather alert sound. Then she said the living room echo was talking when everyone was asleep . I woke up for 2 seconds and heard it,but went right back to bed, so no one knows what she was saying but we where wondering if it was the weather alert. I guess I’ll check the security cameras tonight and see what really happen.

I think Alexi came to steal your Alexa and she got scared and screamed for help but no one heard so instead she ran through your weather alerts and Alexi ran away …

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But I can ask Alexa to set an alarm. Isn’t that a triggered event? Not sure why it couldn’t trigger other things like a weather alert.

Correct…but Alexa is only able to ‘wake’ on actual alarms and timers…not on events…at least not yet. Amazon has teased that a feature to push notifications is coming, but they are working internally as this has a lot of ramifications for people who aren’t as tech savvy as those in this forum.

The closest you can get while we are all waiting for Amazon to enable the push messages to Alexa, is to set a Profile with EchoSistant that flashes your lights and/or sends sms or audio to other connected speakers and that your be your clue to ask alexa what’s the weather alert in your area…

Check this thread…

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Using webCore and Echo Speaks you can accomplish this possibly.

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Echo Speaks is pretty awesome for things like this. I have a few Echo Dots and also some First Alert Safe and Sound Smoke/CO detectors with Alexa integration. I have weather alerts, audio notifications when entry doors are opened. All kinds of fun stuff.

I have a webcore piston that retrieves local alerts every 15 minutes and uses Echo Speaks to announce if any alert fits my piston criteria. I would like to find a weather alert radio that I can link to my echos or smartthings.