Tornado warning

Hi, last night we had a severe storm around 3:00 am. The tornado alarms in the area went off. I somehow slept through the whole thing. Is there anyway to get Smartthing an alert from Noaa weather service? The same notice that sets off weather radios? If I could do that I’d do something to assure I would wake up. Maybe Sonos alarm go off? Sonos dog barking? Lights?. I looked in ifttt and don’t really see a feed like this. Any ideas?


You could use the SmartWeather app. Check it out. It gives warnings as you suggest. It may be up to you (or some community developer) to write some other SmartApps to use the info, ie Flash the lights when a tornado warning comes through. That would be cool.

I was just thinking how the weather app should be part of the default install and not have to be added - basically weather awareness should be baked into the app, since there are a bunch of things that happen in our houses related to weather…and this warning is a GREAT example.

I’m not one to bloat the app up even more, but I definitely think weather should be there for everyone.

Feeling kind of dumb right now as I seem not to be able to find this. Where is it?

The weather alerts that I get from SmartThings are very un-reliable, just an FYI. I sometimes get them, but most of the time nothing. When they do come through, they are quite delayed when compared to other alerts I am getting from things like the weather underground iphone app.

I used Ifttt to set this up in my house. This one, thankfully, hasn’t gone off yet, but I have a similar setup for severe thunderstorm warnings, and it works like a charm.

You know the more I think about it I seem to remember a weather radio the had external contacts (normal open) then closed then it received an alert. This was way back in my x10 days. Granted a radio is probably all I need but I can’t help but seeing endless possibilities if Smartthings could get that signal as well. I’ll investigate later when I get home from work. If it still is out there, having the reliability of Noaa and Smartthings seeing it would be cool

If you search for SmartWeather in SmartSetup it should come up.

Thanks Ben… All I see is “SmartWeather Station Controller”. I assume this is what you’re referring to… seems to be dependent on something else.

When you try to install it you don’t get the option to select Smart Weather?

Nope. The first pref option is “Which?”, which simply brings up a blank screen with a “Done” button. )c:

Ugh forgot - you need to create a Smart Weather device in the IDE. Create a new device (not device type) and select SmartWeather Station Tile from the Type drop down. SmartThings It Just Works:slight_smile:

That was the missing piece.

This is what I think we need to correct. Something as simple as Weather should not require going to the IDE. I’m sure lots of people who have no experience with things like that would want Weather. You should be able to “add the Thing” without going into the IDE OR it should be native in the software.

As much as I love how open ST is (and why I chose it over Revolv), we need some simpler interactions with end users for some things.

It’s funny… I just realized I guess I used the “royal we” in the above post. Sorry for the tone…

Thanks for all your help and suggestions everybody. Gives me a few places to look and start testing.

Agreed @brianlees we are working to smooth out all such frictions.

Thanks, @Ben. I sometimes feel I’m a bit like a downer here. I’m really not. ST is great and I see so much more potential. I can’t wait to see what you guys have coming in the pipeline!

No one feels like we are moving too slow more than we do.

If you need help testing I’m more than willing. I came on tonight after the tornado warning from last night to see what was on here. I’m still fairly new to SmartThings but learning pretty quickly.