Alexa and a routine

So I want Alexa to tell me the weather after ST triggers the Good Morning routine.

I have looked under both ST app and Alexa app and also into IFTTT

Is this even possible?

I am not aware of this being possible right now unless “Ask Alexa” can do it. I’ve read about “unprompted notifications” that will be added to Alexa at some point which may enable this out of the box. If you have a Sonos, I believe you can easily do this.

I figured. Thanks though.

Hopefully they do it soon.

I make the weather part of my flash briefing. I ask for that when I tell alexa to turn off my wake up alarm. I also made a smart things flash briefing so it plays a home status too. MichaelS has incorporated that into his ask alexa. So you could kind of combine a few things to get what you want.

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Thanks! Yes, I just started to look at that but the github site is down.

I did sign up for the amazon accounts and gave my credit numbers to them to open the accounts. Have you ever had any problems with the billing?

Well after 8 months, I think I owe 3 cents, which they have billed, but not actually charged my card for… that was incurred by my using dynamoDB for other projects and not Lambda. :wink: