[RELEASE] Severe Weather Alert with Audio (and frequency setting)

This is the original SmartThings Severe Weather Alert, as still available in the new app, but with the following changes:

  1. You can select either speech synthesis or TTS speakers and have the alert played on them
  2. You can select the frequency the alert is sent

This should resolve the most common problems with this app.
Try it and let me know if it works for you.

If I would be you, I would add the audioNotification for all the new Sonos Lan Websocket users. And for any new integration which support the audioNotification and not the musicPlayer.

And have you fixed the issue where the app is not working in Europe with the defined lat and long, as it cannot convert it to zip code? :wink:

The problem is I don’t have a sonos unit to test with. I only have a galaxy home mini and it seems to want the speech synthesis input for alerts like this.

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Good for you! At least it integrates into SmartThings.

Is there a way to add only during certain hours? It goes off in the middle of the night which is alarming. Where we are we don’t have major alerts like tornados.

Hmmm… well if you set it to once per 24 hours it may still go off during the night, so I’ll see if I can add a way to shift the reporting

How about a silent mode between certain hours? Also what are your GitHub settings for updating?

I will try and implement it

Thank you so very much. If you can provide the GitHub settings for updates.

I think this can also be fixed, I would need to add a field for latitude and longitude that bypasses the zip code check when entered.

Is there a mechanism to subscribe to only certain alerts and not others? For example, I want to be alerted about a Tornado warning, but I don’t need to be alerted about watch for a flash flood or a regular thunderstorm.

Unfortunately this is not possible