Amazon device rebates

Not sure if others are aware of Ibotta but it is a cashback app that credits your account after purchase. Currently Amazon is giving 3% cashback rebate using the app. Best Buy sometimes offers them as well. Over the last year and a half I have added about $150 to my Ibotta account, which I then put back to my smart home. They also offer rebates on groceries etc. You can then use the cash gained in your Ibotta account to buy gift cards, I usually buy Amazon gift cards. The app is called Ibotta.

3% is actually pretty low. TCB was 8% on Amazon devices & Ebates was 6% on Amazon devices. was 22% with TCB & 15% with Ebates
How much does your referral link pay per sign up ? TCB is $25 & Ebates is $10.

There’s also 5% when using Amazon card on Amazon.

Glad someone else noticed that too. Obviously I was too subtle.

What is TCP? I’ve used ebates in the past, but haven’t heard of TCP.

pretty sure TCP was a typo since he used TCB in the following sentence

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You forgot the referral code LOL

Yes I have fat fingers