Bank of America AT&T offer on credit cards! YMMV

Bank of America has an AT&T offer on many accounts for $75 or $100 cashback if you make 2 separate transactions for $15 or more.
I have the $100, and they sell Samsung SmartThings sensors. The only one that is not available is the multipurpose right now. I know that the individual prices are high, but if you order 2 sensor separately you will get at least 2 free sensors plus some money back for free!

The deal only works if you have 2 orders and both at least $15.
After that you get $100 cashback.
My example: 2 motion sensor cost about $42/order totaling $84, so you will get 2 free sensor +$16 cash.
I ordered 1 motion so far, and wait a week or two to see if the multipurpose comes back. If not I will go with another motion or a presence. I don’t trust the water leak, because it looks like its one time use if it gets wet…

Even if you order 2 power outlets for $54+tax, it will only cost you about $7/unit at the end…
Awesome deal if you ask me.

Here is a screenshot for the offer: Screenshot

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Only AT&T deal I have is $50 back for adding a new line of service. Paid after 6 months of paying for it on BOA card.

You may want to read the promotion again. --> Must make two separate transactions with AT&T on wireless products or services of at least $15.00 on the card associated with this offer by 4/05/2017.

Thanks for catching that!
I’ve got the $75 deal. PLUS another 10% off from Top Cash Back

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That is what I explained in details.
You need to make 2 orders for at least $15 each.
Make separate orders for 1 item each. That way you have 2 orders both over $15.
These sensors are considered wireless products on ATT website.
BOA confirmed that after my first order that the promo is active and I need a second order to complete the offer and get the $100 cash back. My order says Samsung wireless accessory in the description.

Also confirmed on myfico that if you walk into an ATT store and purchase 2 chargers/cables(whatever you need) for 14.99 each in 2 transactions, you get the full $75 or $100 back.This is with states that have sales tax. No sales tax states have to buy something that already over $15.If you just go to max out rewards, that this could net $70 of free cash.

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I don’t believe you will receive the cashback but I hope I am wrong and you get it. Your image is not showing what I see when I view it

Good luck!

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And while I am on AT&T, please avoid Directv NOW at this time. It is really bad!!!

It looks like you have a different offer for ATT, thats why its YMMV.
But the offer does work. I found it on the myfico forums, and some people already got the cb posted.

Worst case is , if it does not post, i will return the 2 orders for a full refund.Or file price protection for the lowest price(with price from amazon etc) , or file return protection with BOA. I need the sensors anyway.
Lots of option when you have good credit cards :smiley: If it does post, than free sensors or whatever you order.
Ive did this with discover and amex before many times when they have CB deals like this, and it worked all the time, whatever you ordered, they can only see the merchant code and thats what they check.

My black friday order with amex got me 2 motion,2multi,1 presence for $13 and some change.

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Just a little update if anybody else used this.
The cashback deal will disappear from the web after you complete 2 transactions. After a week or so they will process it.
They will credit it in your next billing cycle.
BofA does not care/know what you buy.
If you have 2 transactions for $15.01 each you will earn the cashback.

I got 1 motion, 1 multi.
I paid 82.68 with tax total. $39+tax/each.
$100 cash will be deposited into my checking to pay back the card.
Ended up with 2 free sensors and $17.32 extra cash.
Eve if you had the $75 deal, 2 sensors for ~$7 is a deal :wink:


Do you think an authorized retailer would still count. Don’t know of a straight att store near me.

Http:// works

I just checked my BOA deals and only have $50 back for a new line of service at AT&T

Awesome thanks. Ya it looks like its probably regional deals. Mine is the 100$ back with two 15$ purchases. Deffinetly going to take advantage.

My deal offer was the $75.

A question: How quickly do you get the notice that a deal has been fulfilled and you have earned the cash back? (I’m asking because I signed up for the AT&T deal, then immediately bought 2 × $39 (one per transaction) on I wonder if I was too quick. OTOH, BoA is supposed to send me an alert if I shopped somewhere with a deal that I hadn’t activated, and that hasn’t happened either.)

For me it was 14 days after my 2nd transaction posted on my credit card. My transactions were 2 weeks apart. My first order was minutes after activating the Cashback on boa website.
Keep in mind that it is different for everybody because BofA processes Cashback according to your billing cycle. So that might affect it. If you go on chat and ask the reps can tell you if you fulfilled the deal. Even if it doesn’t show up online in your account. That’s normal for the deal to disappear when it goes to processing stage.

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