#ShareSmartThings Referral Program

I wanted the community here to be the first to know about the new referral program at SmartThings.

Starting today, SmartThings customers will be able to give their friends a link good for 10% savings when they purchase a SmartThings Hub or Kit. And when your friends purchase a Kit, you’ll automatically get $10 off your next order in the SmartThings Shop!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Click the “Get $10″ link in the SmartThings Shop
  2. If you have a SmartThings account, you’ll be able so share a promo code good for 10% off the purchase of a Hub or Kit via Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail
  3. When the person you referred purchases, you’ll automatically get $10 applied to your account to use in the SmartThings Shop!
  4. And the best part… since there’s no limit to the amount of times that you can share promo codes with different people, there’s also no limit to the amount of money you can save!

No Way! I’m your biggest advocate! Just commented on a neighborhood thread on Nextdoor when people were talking about a break-in and security services with $35 /month fees from Cox. I’m going to go repost my comment with a personalized link!


When a friend uses the 10% OFF link we send them does ST send us an email saying we have $10 in credit? Or where does this show?


Yes, you’ll receive an email confirming the credit. Email support@smartthings.com if you need more assistance with this.

Will it work if I purchase it from amazon?

Does anyone want to refer me?

@BtrSound Sure!



Well, I don’t refer people, I buy for them and install. Is there a referral for that situation?

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Would love a referral. Jumping from the sinking ship of revolv.

@tracstart I have sent you a PM.

I am sure you will love Smartthings :beers:

I agree with Tracy, I would like to buy and install I my customers homes.

Would like a referral also. Newbie who needs a hub.

http://fbuy.me/4E4D Here you go Tony

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Is there still a referral offer going on? I dont see the link anymore.

We are reworking the Referral Program and plan to relaunch in the future.

I’d appreciate also hearing about this referral program. Please keep us updated!