Groupon 40% rebate-they have some smarthome products

I just saw a promo on ibotta (rebate app). If you buy an item off of groupon through the ibotta app, you get 40% cash back! They have a few nice smarthome products. They have hue bulbs, strips, and fixtures at pretty good prices ($40 for the a19 bulb) and you get 40% cash back on it (making the bulb $24!!!). I usually just use ibotta for my extreme couponing, so this is pretty exciting for me :joy::joy::joy:. sign up using my link and I believe you get an extra $10 too…

I tried it out but iBotta offered only 8% back. Still a relatively good deal on a refurbished Hue bulb being that Groupon is discounting it to $40 to begin with (but it doesn’t give the model# so I don’t know if it’s the latest generation bulb, probably not). However, with the extra $10 Welcome bonus, it does bring the price of the bulb down to $27 plus tax.

How long ago did u try? Maybe this is new? It says 40%, not “up to 40%.” And the only thing in the fine print is that it’s a $30 max saving. Idk. I’m going to try tomorrow and see. Lol

It must be a selective or regional offering.

Oh wowwwww…didn’t realize. Lol. What a HUGE difference. Can’t imagine why!