Amazon announces new Alexa devices (Echo Dot, Echo Input, Echo Plus, Echo Sub, Amazon Smart Plug, Amazonbasics Microwave, Echo Wall Clock, Alexa Guard, Ring Camera, Echo Show, Alexa recast, Echo Auto) (September 2018)

I keep telling you, we have the technology. :wink::dog:

( not my dog, but mine knows the same behavior. :sunglasses: )


@JDRoberts You rock, JD. Miss the good old times. :slight_smile: I am currently struggling with 2018 aka v3. Ordered the echo auto. Let’s see if I get an invitation. Best experience for me has been the Sonos Beam enabled with Alexa.


I am fascinated by the fact that they are putting the Echo plus capabilities into the new show. People are going to have a hub without ever having had to select one, and it’s going to give them sensor and simple routine capabilities.

Very simple, obviously, but also super easy to set up and reliable. It’s very interesting strategy.


Along with devices, they also introduced new smart home API capabilities…


Oooh, shiny! :star_struck:


Has anyone heard whether the echo sub will be able to respond to voice commands?

I can’t quite tell from what I’ve read so far.

It would be nice if it could relay voice commands to an echo device that it’s linked to.

It’s only 700 watts. Good luck figuring out how long to cook that frozen dinner. If it even fits inside – – it’s 0.7 ft.³ interior. So reheat coffee or make popcorn, but forget about lasagna.

Anybody get the plug added to smartthings?

It’s a Wi-Fi plug— there is no direct integration with SmartThings.

What you could do is create a virtual contacts sensor with switch capabilities and then use that to turn the Amazon plug on and off via and Amazon routine. It’s a little kludgy, but it should work.

Thanks jd, found a way not to use it for now lol

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Signed up on Friday. Still havent gotten the guard invite :frowning:

It took me 3 days to get notification that is available. I don’t see a way to use it in their routines, though.

4 years later… say goodbye to Fire TV recast

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