Amazon announces new Alexa devices (Echo Dot, Echo Input, Echo Plus, Echo Sub, Amazon Smart Plug, Amazonbasics Microwave, Echo Wall Clock, Alexa Guard, Ring Camera, Echo Show, Alexa recast, Echo Auto) (September 2018)

That may be all of the announcements.

Integration with Amazon Meal Kits. Walk through the recipe on the Echo Show as you cook.

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Echo Show as an all-in-one, voice-activated smart TV. Integrates with something new called Fire TV Recast that sends live TV to your Echo Show as recordings.

Record 2-4 shows at a time, stream to multiple devices.

Put Fire TV Recast anywhere in your house and connect it to an antenna, and it’ll beam those shows and networks throughout your home via Fire TV.

Fire TV recast $229

Echo Auto. Alexa on the go. Car gadget

Device connects to your phone over Bluetooth and uses your cell signal to connect to the cloud.

Echo Auto $50, invite price for $25.

I am surprised they didn’t put a Z-Wave chip in the new Echo

This just in. Amazon adds z-wave chip to their echo.

Haha just playing :slight_smile:

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I’m not, for all the reasons we discussed when the Echo plus first came out. “Simple setup” onboarding is Amazon’s minimum requirement for their hub functions.

Setting up new smart home devices is easy. Just say “Alexa, discover my devices” and echo plus Will discover and set up compatible home devices.

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OK, looks like you’ll be able to give voice commands to any echo device and have the microwave work, which is the same way the GE Alexa enabled microwave works. So that’s better. :sunglasses:


Amazon has Z-Wave and they actually opened it up to others to use, but is not mounted on the Echo board, it’s on their Ring board :slight_smile:

“Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re adding access control for Ring Alarm. Neighbors who buy a Z-Wave lock from Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, or Danalock will be able to lock and unlock their doors using their Ring app. Additionally, neighbors using the Schlage Connect or Danalock locks will also be able to disarm their Ring Alarm when they enter the code on their lock.”

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Right, but it’s not voice discovery, it’s an onboarding method very similar to the SmartThings app.

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Right, Z-Wave is no match for Zigbee, which drops just as easy as it joins*

*purely based on personal experience

I will be impressed if I can name my Alexa devices to whatever I want. :wink: I have too many Alexa’s in my life. Unfortunately, I cannot name my missus Alexa. :wink:

Zigbee itself is solid. The implementation of any specific brand of hub may vary, of course.

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Computer, Amazon are your other choices… did you mean “unname”? I would keep the Echo as Alexa, that way you have a back up if one doesn’t hear you.

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In the product description:

  • Set location-based routines—automated actions Alexa can start when you leave the office or get home.
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There are two many Alexa’s in my life. If only one of them fetched me my beer. :frowning:

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This!!! Yeah!!!