Certified Refurb Amazon Echo $135

I see that the price was down to about $119 back in November, but still not a bad deal if you are looking to pick one up and like to save money with refurbished models.

I’ve heard/read rumblings that new hardware is coming. Just mentioning it. I have no special knowledge of the subject.

New Hardware you speak of ( I assume) is an Echo with a camera . What I don’t understand is that it is NOT a IP//SEC camera it is only for taking selfies and short vid clips. On sale ( taking preorders anyways) by invite only for the usual $199.

I’m not excited about inviting a proprietary camera (that I can’t lock down due to reliance on third-party services) into my house and on my network, but I suppose some people will weigh the trade-offs in privacy and want to use the selfie option to allow Amazon to tell them to buy more clothes. :wink:

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My understanding is they’re replacing the original unit. The camera thing is a different animal not meant to replace the original echo.

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Your right a new model may be out this year. Very different then the Echo Look other may be thinking of.

I have read a lot of articles saying that amazon is rumored to release a new alexa device this month that has a screen built in. They sped up production to get it released along with the camera because of googles new ability to distinguish different users. It acted as a sort of “wake up call” for them.

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There are more and more other interesting devices that integrate voice control with Alexa.


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