Alexa will soon be able to control ovens and microwaves

I only see this useful for pre-heating the oven. What are you going to do, store your food in the microwave until its ready to cook?

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I can see this useful for those who have mobility issues, but with the clutter that ends up on my stove, sometimes, I don’t want to accidentally turn on a burner with a pizza box sitting on top of it.


I need this for the microwave – – I can’t push the buttons. I’ve been posting about this need in the forums for three years now, there just isn’t anything out there anywhere near my budget.

It’s pretty easy to add a single accessible button to microwave, the usual way is to take a piece of cork and glue a poker chip to it and then glue that to the button. That way a Service dog can work it. But that’s not practical for when you need a multi button sequence, like a microwave.

The microbot Push robot finger again it’s usually only good for a couple of buttons because on the microwave they are typically so close together that you can’t get the actuators lined up for every button.

I’m not saying that most people will need a voice activated microwave, but I could give you the names of a dozen people who do. :sunglasses:



Just what I need…my oven being turned on/off every time Amazon runs a commercial showcasing that feature.


It’s always cool to see how this stuff that is a nice little hobby to many of us can have real, life-changing benefits for people with different needs. It really helps me feel less ridiculous when I explain the value proposition to friends and family.