Alternatives to Sylvania GardenSpots for landscape/holiday lights?

A few days ago I put up some Halloween decorations / old light strands and… went through bunch of strands that wouldn’t work or worked then quit working once situated… then electrocuted myself because I touched frayed insulation in the dark … remembered last couple Christmases when the “new” LED strands quit working after a year or two (the LED’s inside the “bulbs” are probably fine but I’m finding that the wires/legs break at bottom of LED bulb)…

I need to get some smart outdoor lighting for holidays! It seems like the only option is Sylvania GardenSpots???

Are there any other cheaper options? I found they were briefly on sale for around $27 year ago, but now $73 for 14 feet. Only alternative I found really was in the DIY H801 thread someone found RGB floodlights, but cost with floodlights, power supplies, cables etc… didn’t seem much better.


Use camel camel camel and just wait for them to go on sale. I know that doesn’t solve your issue right now but they will go on sale at some point that’s usually when I pick up extra Garden spots

I think most people just get a regular string and plug it into a smart plug. You don’t get anything fancy, but it does give you on and off on a schedule.

You might take a look at some of the holiday project reports for more ideas. :candle::candle::candle:

I am still hoping someone comes up with a bluetooth/raspberry pi device handler for these:

They are bluetooth controlled from a smart app, since the bluetooth radio in ST has never been turned on the best way would be a raspberry pi as bluetooth pass through.

@erocm1231 did it with MiPow bluetooth Playbulbs.

I wish I had the time and tech to look at the bluetooth data for the applights because this would be killer

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Or Arduino/ESP8266 controlled…