Planning Ahead - Looking for ideas for outdoor holiday lights

Hi all. I am trying to plan ahead. I am curious about how to integrate SmartThings into a outdoor holiday light display. I am interested in just your basic, simple house lighting. No syncing to music or “dancing” necessary. Thanks for any suggestions and guidance you may provide.

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If you just want simple on/off capabilities, there’s this:

EDIT: Site seems to have mangled the link to the ST shop. The item is “GE Outdoor Light Plug-and-Control Power Outlet”.

Osram Lightify Gardenstrips are now on the official “works with SmartThings” list. These are color changing garden spots. Tiny, but good for decorative use.

I picked up the Osram Outdoor Lights to test as holiday lights. They work really well and are surprisingly bright but there is a big limitation: according to the user guide you can only string two strands together to one plug.

This will work for yard decorations but I was planning on permanently installing some on the eaves of my house (you can remove the spikes and mount the lights directly on surfaces).

I already have a z-wave switch and some z-wave outlets that I have used for several years at Christmas time.

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These work awesome for me and are meant to be outdoors: GE Z-Wave Wireless Outdoor Lighting Control Module