Sylvania Gardenspot Alternatives?

Im looking to see if anyone has found a replacement for the Sylvania or Lightly garden spots as I continue to have issues with the 2 devices.

Are you looking specifically for separated “fairy light” options, or would outdoor LED strips work for you?

Also, would WiFi be ok? There are probably more of those these days.

Finally, what region are you in? The device selection does vary. :thinking:

I am looking for something comparable to the Garden Spot lights and not an outdoor LED strip as this is an uplight for a landscape wall. Im trying to stay away from wifi to reduce the bandwidth dependancies. I am in the US region.

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For the US, the three ST-compatible RGB individual spot lights that I know of are Hue Lily (great, but very expensive), Gledopto, and Innr. Hue should be used with their own bridge. Gledopto and Innr can be directly connected to a smartthings hub or used with the hue bridge.

All 3 have at least one model that is outdoor rated.

All three are at least 7 W equivalent and intended as feature lighting, not fairy lights like a Christmas tree string.


All three are Zigbee 3.0

Read product descriptions carefully, some come with a power cord and some do not.

  1. Gledopto.


  1. INNR.

At least as of this post, INNR sells theirs in a set of three with a power cord, but note that these get controlled as a group, not individually.

  1. Hue.

And the very nice but very expensive Philips hue Lily. You need to start with a “base kit” model in order to get a power supply.


Hue also has a larger and even more expensive Lily XL model which is intended to illuminate a larger area.

If you care, Hue is the only one of these which has pre-announced support for matter which will be done through an update to the Hue bridge, not the individual bulbs.

It doesn’t mean the others won’t have it, but, to be honest, probably not, since Matter support for Zigbee devices is being done through a hub/bridge.