Alpha Opportunity: Browser-Based Web Portal

Count me in… fifth

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Feel free to vote here


i wish it would come out soon…

I’m tellin’ ya’ guys, it’s not all what you may think it should be. See my post above. You may (will) be disappointed with the web portal, unless there’s a whole lot more work put behind it in my opinion.

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I’m not looking configurations or complete control, just a page to put switches and such. Just like 3rd party apps are doing now.

The UI isn’t that sophisticated yet. You have a dashboard , which you can’t change much; and a Rooms view, which is extremely difficult, if not impossible to manipulate the way you want it.

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Yup i understand that its not complete yet. Maybe it will someday. Im not looking alpha/beta access. Just wanted to say that smartthings really needs web frontend.


So this was started nearly 2 years ago…is this going anywhere or is it dead in the water? My guess is the later…

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Yes please provide a web interface that’s equivalent to the app !

Progress on this has been tectonic …

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