Alpha Opportunity: Browser-Based Web Portal

It’s going to have to go through every letter of the Greek alphabet to get to a point where it’s on par with the mobile app, or at least provide decent device state info…


As you’ve noticed, is now available to everyone. This is NOT a fully realized product launch but merely an expansion of access. There is no official support available. Also all the earlier caveats still apply:

  1. Things may not work correctly. We’re probably aware and it should get better over time.
  2. Things may break at any time. If they seem unfixed for an extended period, post here and we’ll try to take a look.
  3. It may disappear at any time. I mean, hopefully it won’t but we may need to disable it for business reasons.
  4. It’s not the same as the mobile app. It’s not supposed to be. You already have one of those.
  5. You may be able to do things that the mobile app doesn’t let you do. That’s probably not intentional. I don’t recommend doing it as you may get your account into an odd state.

It probably doesn’t do everything you want. I’m sorry. You can post it here and I’ll see it. I can’t promise to make it do that though.

These aren’t the favorites you see on your phone. Those are currently only stored on your phone while this stores favorites in the cloud. Eventually these will be shared between devices but not yet. When we get to that point, you should expect the favorites you have on your phone to take precedence.

That’s the time until you’re logged out. On the top right (three dot) menu you can change the session length.


You can add more than 20 rooms through browser now

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@Dianoga first, I would like to thank you for pushing to get this out to everyone. I know it’s been a challenge and you’re off to a great start! I love the ability to manage SmartApps and make quick changes to devices without having to go through the slow mobile app. This is muchhh quicker and a great complement to the mobile app. I think the two together will make for a much better experience overall.

One quick note, when I toggle the session to Keep me logged in, it toggles off automatically almost instantly.


I am able to access the Web Portal now too, thanks.

It’s definitely Beta since there’s no way too reorganize the Dashboard or skin it with different backgrounds.

And, I’d say that this Beta version of the Web Postal is also very confusing since it is showing SmartApps with the header label of Automations. And Automations aren’t even shown anywhere that I can see.

I like it, seems to be working good for me as is.

I speak Greek, i can help you out :wink:

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ST have a long tradition of using two terms for the same thing and the same term for two or more different things, ‘state’ being an ongoing irritation and in the Developer Workspace and docs slight variations on the term ‘SmartApp’ used to be used in about eight different ways. Automations has been in use as an umbrella term for apps, scenes etc for at least as long, if not longer, than it has for the ‘Automations’ in the apps and I believe that usage still exists in various places in the API (and it is certainly used in Smart Lighting). Understandably so as it reflects the general usage.

Using Automations in the way it is in the web portal is certainly confusing but it shouldn’t be. It is calling the simple rules offered in the mobile apps ‘Automations’ that is the real problem.

@RBoy and @Dianoga Keep me signed in works on my pc just fine

However i think that if you are loged in on another browser than this switch goes back to off. I was testing this on my cell where i have enabled Keep me signed in, but when i signed in on tablet at the same time, feature was disabling itself.
Otherwise web portal looks good, and i also like speed of editing automations. It is much faster than app.
This web portal should stay, and i can see it as one of the native options for tablet dashboard, besides ActionTiles, and SharpTools.

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Me too :wink:

Loving this so far…only hoping the cams…particularly ST cams will be able to view video in the near future



I can’t find any option for changing the language of the web interface. Is this possible? If it’s not, can it be added?

I live in Korea, but normally use SmartThings in English.

Chrome: appears in Korean
Edge: appears in English

No idea why they’re different or what determines which language is shown.

Like this setup. Just a couple things. Organizing the dashboard with the ability to choose rooms to be shown like in the app. Also resizing the boxes as they are pretty large. This causes lots of scrolling up and down.

Feature request: PLEASE add the ability to control lighting groups

The Browser-Based Web Portal works great out at my camp where the cell service is very weak.
With the poor cell service at camp the mobile app takes forever to load if at all, while the Browser-Based Web Portal fires up quickly


i just tried my.smartthings and all my devices showed up, 5 minutes later i lost everything on the app. now when i log into my.smartthings nothing shows up there either. but my devices do show under the smarthhings portal. is there a way to recover everything?

Browsing to the beta dashboard as erased all my groups automation and devices from smartthings app, i can still see it on iDE but not on the app, the only way to get my device back is to regroup them with new rooms/group and reinstall it, and even with that my devices seem offline in the app, but online in the web.

Please help…

Had a quick look at the webCoRE SmartApp via the portal. The flow was already a bit eccentric in the mobile app. Adding to this with a pop-up message saying you’ve just deleted your app is a bit scarey.

These messages above me looks scary, anyone know if it’s safe to use this? :sweat_smile:

I’ve been using it for a few weeks. No problems so far. Over 100 devices make it look a little busy. Got to remember its still in BATA.