Zigbee sensors going online and then offline


I’m trying to get my Aeotec V3 hub up and running 000.045.00011 and have been slowly adding new divices, I about 8 Sonoff S31 Zigbee extenders, 18 Zigbee battery moisture sensors, and 16 Sengled outlets placed around the house on different floors and have been slowly adding Sengled E1C-NB7 Zigbee outlet devices every day, no more than 5 at a time, wait another day and add more, working out from their proximity to the hub. All was going well until I added the next 5. After adding these batches, I would unplug the hub for a half hour so the mesh could rebuild. After this last batch, the devices now flash online and then offline again after the hub reboot.

The same thing is now happening to my Z Wave moisture sensors, too.

Will this correct itself or should I remove the devises added today?