All things disappeared from the IOS App


I have not been using the app for a while…(I use smart tiles).
Today I have decided to install the nest manager and now all my things have disappeared from the app. How is it possibile? Smart tiles is doing ok.


Hi @sballoz,

I would recommend reaching out to support.

Do you have any custom device type handlers? Seems like a broken one was the issue people were having in this thread - Why are no things showing under "Things"

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Thanks for the hint!
I have a few of them but how can I detect which is the one that is causing the issue?

I think you’ll just have to try deleting them one by one. I don’t know a better way anyway, perhaps somebody else has a better idea.

As the problem started after you installed the Nest manager, I’d suggest starting there and remove that handler first.

I’ve tried deleting most of the device handlers but still got no things.
I only have nest and wemo as device handlers.

Make sure that you are in the right Location if you have multiple Locations.

I had this problem at the same time that I was getting “access denied” errors in the IDE. It turned out to be database corruption on my account. I had reported it to support and they were eventually able to fix it without me changing anything.

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Now my things appear on a samsung tablet but not on IOS.
Plus I have 2 question marks close to my old nest things (I now use Nest Manager but still in place the old things
waiting for support to solve this