All SmartThings device unavailable

I have been using SmartThings for quite a while now and generally haven’t had any major issues.
Then, last night (Friday 24th July) it all went mad.
Every single SmartThings made device attached to my hub went unavailable - motion sensors, buttons, smart plugs. It seems to be isolated just to Samsung made SmartThings devices.

The hub is also connected to Philips Hue hub - that all works fine. As does the connection to IFTTT via virtual switches. Basically everything seems to be OK apart from the actual Samsung made SmartThings devices,

I have tried remote rebooting the hub (using the IDE), I’ve tried unplugging it (and removing the battery backup) to force it to reboot. None of this seems to have made any difference.

I should also point out that nothing has been change with my home network, position of the SmartHub, additional devices etc, This just suddenly happened and no ides why.

The hub is has “controller version” of 2.1.9-5 with firmware version 000.031.00004, if that helps anyone!

Any ideas?

EDIT: Most devices just seem to suddenly reconnected just ten minutes or so after writing this! There’s still a couple problematic ones, but at least most are now working. Absolutely no idea what happened, and why they were out for over 12 hours.

Not that uncommon an experience. I’d not even have bothered rebooting the hub. NB this isn’t a criticism of SmartThings, whilst being a huge fan of tech I am also a huge cynic of it, especially in respect of new technologies such as smart home, until it matures.

The difference between devices you described are cloud connected devices (IFTTT, etc) and direct connect devices, or more specifically Zigbee devices because SmartThings brand devices use Zigbee (except for one weird plug module we’ll ignore rof now)

Sounds like you experienced some kind of Zigbee outage on your hub. Ifnit happens again, look on the forums for help troubleshooting zigbee connectivity.

If you did ‘nothing’ to cause or fix it, the most likely culprit is either outside radio interference from Wi-Fi (maybe your wifj router channel changed) or one of your repeating devices failed. Unfortunately with it all working now you may never know.

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