Twice now after adding devices had to reboot

Twice now after adding a number of devices (at one time) my Hue Lights and Samsung SmartThings Outlets stopped working from within SmartThings and all automations. To resolve I have to unplug hub and remove batteries and once up again all worked well. As I have a bunch more to add to the system over the next month I was wondering if there is something quicker or easier to get these working if this happens again?

  1. try moving your hub away from your wireless router or accesspoint

  2. to some degree it’s normal for Zigbee mesh to change when you add devices, and turning the hub off for 15 minutes is my method of making the Zigbee devices re-map the mesh

  3. I don’t use hub v2 but I suspect that I will not want to keep batteries in it at all . Since it adds hardware failure risk and another thing to remove when re-mapping.

Same here, after adding devices.

Same here. Hub becomes unresponsive after adding a new device. Fails to control z-wave devices and Hue lights.

Ok then. Well at least I am not alone and performing a reset is not that hard. I just thought maybe there was something else I should be doing but this sounds like it is typical.

Me too. Well just with all the Samsung Power Outlets. Everything else is working. Have Samsung carried out an update?

Might it be a good idea to contact ST support before rebooting (if you can spare the time of having your devices down) so that they can collect some logs to see what is happening/has happened.
Only if you have the time of course.