All new Echo Dot! (2nd Generation)

Amazon just twitteed “intoducing the ALL NEW Echo dot” but the post was deleted within seconds. Does anyone know anything about the new dot?


I heard it replaces the old one.


This was it
Introducing the all-new Echo Dot. Add Alexa to any room – now for just $49.99.


That is just the page for the " old" Dot.

I don’t think Sonos buyers are the target audience . Google CCA doggles are a (bad) joke compared to Dots. Especially if they drop the price from $89 to $49. I never wanted a Tap until I got one for $65 from Lowe’s .


Yeap, that’s were it went to

Should I feel bad about unloading my Gen1 Dot for $200+ on eBay a few weeks ago?

Because I don’t, really.


“My completely uneducated guess is; you’ll be able to get a Dot for $49.95 in the next few days.”

I posted that on some thread around here on July 8th about Prime Monday. I was only a few months off! :grin:

I’ll be all over it. I missed the boat on the last Dot.

As for Sonos, they have announced Echo integration so I don’t think they’re bothered. In fact, they may even welcome the news. What that integration eventually brings is anyone’s guess for now. But I do hope it’s true control of Sonos sources, not just Echo’s.

I have an Echo and Tap but will probably pickup one or two dots. One for the car as you can tether to the phone, place it in a cup holder, and have Alexa talk back to you.

Sorry, that was exactly my point, although we discussed that in the Sonos announcement thread.

Sonos was concerned about people buying a dot and a cheaper speaker system. They’ve been talking about voice control for about a year.

They now have an official integration announced with echo but it’s not going to be out until after this Christmas. Sometime in 2017. All their pictures that went with the announcement had dots in the picture.

And the announcement came about two weeks after Amazon support started telling people that the dot has been discontinued.

So partly joking but partly not I suggested in that thread that perhaps part of the Sonos deal was that Amazon stop selling the dots until the Sonos official integration was ready. :wink:


I think I am going to jump on this one too. I like my Echo, and I think adding and echo for each bedroom might be great. Better than paying the same price for a voice remote…

Do you guys know if the old dot communicates/connect with main echo?

I use my bedroom Dot almost more than either of my Echo’s (office/kitchen) or my other Dot in the family room, would be cool to have one in each room, but as it is, hard to keep them from hearing each other.

They don’t directly communicate, just all back to the Alexa cloud. Can’t tell one to say something from another, or play music on the others unfortunately.

At present they don’t, but it’s a highly requested feature, maybe some day. :sunglasses:

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Once they develop that multi-room integration it might be all over for Sonos. That’s probably why they’re trying to integrate now, before it’s too late. Amazon will always be able to beat Sonos on price and be close on quality. Echo is a gateway to many people spending more money with Amazon.

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I suspect we will see that integration of mutiple echo’s communicating with each other in 2017. Also Amazon indicated recently the echo will be updated to do notifications automatically rather than using the wake word. Amazon is staking a huge claim in the smarthome with these types of improvements.

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I believe it when I see it. They piloted “routines”, even accidentally released the feature to the public for couple of days, but then they shelve it and never officially released the enhancement, so…you never know

So this is an odd thing … Amazon’s “Today’s Deals” page this morning. None of the Dot-related items link to a valid item. And obviously some of the List Prices are way off. But it’s just weird.

Okay, they cleaned the page up already.

And I found this … sorry if this was already reported somewhere.


New Dot released at the UK launch of Echo.

I’ve just ordered an Echo (arriving on 29th September) and a generation 2 Dot (arriving on 20th October)


Sure they did, Dot 2 is up for preorder with October 20th as release date…And today the announced Echo expansion to UK and Germany

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