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I’m still waiting for the promotions on the Echo Dot…

I was too, but now I think the Dot was just a way for them to get rid of the extra inventory of parts for producing the big Echo and now when it is out of stock they are not going to make more, they will be selling a new version soon. It least I hope so…

Hate to ask. But really want the Echo Dot. You mind posting if it come available.

Thanks! Too good to pass up, since I live right next to my local Lowe’s.

As for the Echo Dot - Amazon has said they are through making them and to be on the lookout for something new. It was always intended to be a limited release.

I have one and honestly prefer my regular Echo to it. They’re selling for $200-$250 on eBay, so I’m probably going to get rid of it.

But if you’re waiting on a cheap Echo Dot, you’re better off waiting to see what Amazon comes out with next.

I agree the Echo is better than the Dot, but the Dot does have its place. Much easier to " hide" a Dot above/below bathroom and kitchen cabinets.

Good luck, none of the Lowe’s around me stock them.

I hear you. I think the Dot’s primary strength is the audio out feature. That, and the size. I have it running into a speaker and it sounds great, but I’d imagine running it into a higher end stereo is probably a far better option, if that’s what you’re into. Either way, now that you can’t get one, people are going a little crazy for them.

As for the Tap - I picked one up for $69. It’s a great portable bluetooth speaker at that price. And I find myself taking it into the backyard as much as I use it in my office.

But I have found that I use my Alexa features (smarthome, flashbreifing) far less when I have to physically press a button than my other Echo devices. I’d say get it at that price, but only if you want a good portable speaker.

Bathroom Dot just sits atop the linen cabinet, it is fine alone for a little music or news while in the shower. Kitchen Dot is mounted under the cabinets attached to a soundbar hidden above the cabinets.
I don’t see Tap being a big inclusion with HA, but I have been looking for new wireless speakers to put out by the hottub. Now that I strung GardenSpots around it , it would be nice to be able to control them with Tap.

To your point about using it less when you have to go up to it and hit a button I totally agree. That’s why I canceled my Tap preorder back in March. Obviously the additional mics would have cost more to produce but I think they should have made the Tap always listening when it was on it’s charger base.

I agree completely. I also hope whatever they’re working on for the Echo line involves syncing music through multiple Echo devices. Or intercomming. It seems like waste to have several of them isolated, essentially.

It’s also especially funny if I give a command loud enough for two Echo devices to hear me.


I don’t remember where it was posted, but many folks have received responses from Amazon confirming their original claim that the dot was a one-time run, and that it has now been discontinued.

Yeh. That kind of confirms what I found. I called the Echo support line and the rep told me that he doesn’t have any new info the Echo Dot coming back in stock. :cry:

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