Amazon releases new Echo Dot & Echo Tap devices!

The Echo Dot ($90) is pretty much the top sliced off the regular Echo, to be used with another speaker.

Echo Dot article on The Verge:

Amazon listing:

Annoyingly only available to order via Alexa at this point. See comments for a workaround though!

They have also released the Echo Tap ($130) a portable Bluetooth speaker (although you have to press a button to activate Alexa functionality) -

Amazon listing:


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Dang beat me to it! lol

Whats the difference between Echo and Echo Dot for someone who only has a Fire TV?

Because the Dot has an audio-out, you could presumably connect it to a home speaker system now, too.

Ordered a Dot before I saw the Tap. Quite the dilemma because I like having the actual speaker part and the portability is nice. Now I’m imagining having the Dot and Tap in the same room as a $220 version of the full Echo (connect them via Bluetooth), but with the ability to take the speaker part with me outside or whatever using the Tap control.

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The Dot is a very small version of the full Echo, so the speaker is only meant for voice feedback of commands. Amazon expects you to connect the Dot to other speakers via Bluetooth or audio-out to listen to music services; whereas the full Echo has a pretty decent speaker built-in for music.

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Oh so if I don’t care for Alexa to play music through the Echo speaker then this will do everything else? I already have surround sound where I will be using it. I wonder how loud the speaker is to hear feedback.

Yup. Ask questions. Order stuff. Control Home Automation. To Do lists. All of that using the same Far-field mic for hearing your commands.

My wild guess is that the speaker will be similar to a cell phone speaker.

Does Echo currently work with Sonos?

YES!!! Just read this e-mail and got very excited!

Does the Echo Dot require the full Echo?

An Echo or Fire TV is where you can order it from LOL

preordered two dots and 1 tap =P

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No, but it’s currently the only way to pre-order one.

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Tempted to pick up an Echo Tap, it sounds like the ultimate camping companion. Bluetooth Speaker and alexa? Too bad its not waterproof, would be excellent to have by the pool!

I wonder if a friend can order one for me or is it tied to an Amazon account only? Does anyone know if you can order one and give it to another person?

I wonder this too! Considering asking a friend in the US with an Echo if they can order a Tap for me & send to the UK. Wishful thinking :slightly_smiling:

I CANT wait to get home and preorder one of the dots!

Supposedly you can order the Dot via the Amazon app if you swipe & add to cart! Can anyone confirm success with this?

Looks like you can preorder the tap on, it’s just the tap that you have to order through alexa