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I just bought a ST multisensor from sears here in the US as part of the 20% off deal. The sticker on the back of the device says Importer: Samsung Electronics UK. I would imagine that the importer should have been Samsung US. Any ideas whether this is normal or should I return this?

Maybe, maybe not – Phillips has been asked this question and it has not been answered. It may be like the Phillips hue dimmer switch where it acts as an a parallel means of control for bulbs attached to the hue bridge, but it is not viewable by any other HomeKit devices and cannot be used to trigger other HomeKit events. We just won’t know until it actually goes on sale at the end of October. Or until Phillips answers the question. :wink:

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That is exactly how I read it . Be a nice local option to have light still work when internet ( or cloud) go down, provided you have all Hue lights .
After my incident of coming home at 4am and having the internet out so no lights worked I got a Tap and stuck it by the front door, Hue local PIR would have been my first choice though if it had been available last month. ( Of course if ST had local control it would not have been an issue to begin with )

that’s one big if… almost as big as “if my aunt had a d**k, she’d be my uncle” :wink:


Echo Dot is cumming BACK!


Discussed this yesterday


Flash sale at Best Buy For the next four hours.
Harmony remote for $99.00

Ha they need to just drop that price to $99 and leave it. They sell it for that like every other week anyway.


And on the other week it is $129 or $149. Hasn’t been $299 in a long time.

Based on their upgrade link, I can add this to my hub that doesn’t have a remote. Anyone actually do this? Is the Touch really RF to the Hub? My hub is hidden so I’d need that.

yup I have 2 of these remotes and paired them to my hubs just fine :slight_smile: It does have RF. The only difference between this remote and ultimate is that the ultimate has haptic feedback and accelerometer.


Why did you have to go and say that ? I figured this was just the IR 15 device that did not work with hub. Now I know I can put this up in the bedroom and still control the HA stuff on the hub downstairs. damn you :angry:

They also have the NO HA buttons remote with a hub for $99 ( as usual )


Fortunately I made the mistake of asking my wife if we needed an actual remote in the basement, she said no, so I just saved $100 I guess…I only NEED it to add the third zone of my receiver as a device, since it’s limited to 8 with just the hub. Figures I’d need 9…Oh well.


Pfffft. If I asked my wife before blowing money on stuff I don’t need I’d never have any fun.


Yes this was a momentary lapse in judgment on my part. I feel ashamed now…


And you should!

I bought a water valve the other night… I mentioned it to the wife… She didn’t even flinch, just asked how long it would take to install it and if the system was going to be down… Lol


What took the longest was running wiring to put an outlet by the water line into the house. Only reason it took a few months was waiting for the right time. Leaky kitchen faucet setting off leak detector was a good time to install shut off valve with full wife approval. 2 3/4" NPT-SharkBite and it was installed in about 10 minutes ( I need a new blade for pipe cutter )


Fortunately this is a minor infraction calling for only a 2-day temporary suspension of your man card, and not a revocation thereof. Now go home, have a beer, watch some Victoria’s Secrets commercials and think about what you’ve done.


My Soundbar remote was chewed by my dog, so I have been remote less for 5 months. I said to my wife that the replacement remote was going to cost $25, so i rather used that money to by a universal that can connect to Alexa for $50 more. She replied, go ahead an buy it! :slight_smile:

However, I haven’t ordered it yet. lol

I was in the garage rebuilding the motor on my bike one night when the wife came out. She stood there for a minute watching me fix this old bike. The she says, “babe, just buy a new bike”. That was at around 9 pm. I went to work the next day, left early, and ride my me bike home.

Don’t wait! Chicks change their minds too fast! She told me to buy a new mustang once also!