All my Zigbee devices just gone Unavailable

I am in UK with 25 mixed Samsung SmartThings ZigBee sensors and outlets and Aeotec Z-Wave switch devices.

Earlier this evening I noticed that all my Samsung SmartThings ZigBee devices both battery powered motion and multi sensors and mains powered outlets have stopped working and are showing Unavailable.

The Z-Wave Aeotec switches continue to work and be controlled using the SmartThings app.

I have restarted my hub and the status led is green.


Is anyone experiencing this issue right now?

Has anyone experienced this issue previously?

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Jup, all of my ZigBee devices are unresponsive and/or show unavailable for hours now. Z-wave and HTTP unaffected, also rebooted hub multiple times. It’s way after 2am here though and I’ll investigate further tomorrow morning.

Also UK hub btw.

I’m in Canada. All of my ZigBee devices have been offline for 2 days now. Tried everything and can’t get them to respond. I’m on the Gen 1 hub.

As of this morning, all of them work again. Don’t know what happend and don’t know why they’re working again. :man_shrugging:

Did you do anything to fix this or did it just fix itself? I lost every Zigbee device I have today at 3:38 but all the Zwave devices are still working.

I was going to start my own thread on this but found this one.

As of 6:30 PM CST (USA) last night May 1 2019, all of my ZigBee devices were showing unavaialable. I spent at least an hour on the phone with Samsung support on this issue and was instructed to remove / re-add the devices. I have 25 Zigbee devices on my network, so this took a while, including all the automations and Alexa integration.

I’ts done now excluding 6 Ikea Zigbee wireless control outlets (smart plugs). I just haven’t gotten them done yet…

No problems at all with Zwave or Zwave plus devices. But then again, I only have 4 Zwave / Zwave plus devices integrated at this time.

Just for the record, most (but not all?) of my ZigBee devices were not working for a while around the same time. I have a Hub V1.

I unplugged the Hub for a while, hoping that perhaps a reboot and/or ZigBee mesh panic might resolve the problem, but it did not help.

However, another hour or 2 later, everything worked fine without further intervention. I did not need to add/remove any devices. Perhaps it was temporary interference or misbehaving device or … I dunno, a ZigBee specific issue in SmartThings Cloud? The latter seems possible now that you mention problems at essentially the same time-slot.

You can hear other calls when you call into the Samsung support call center. I can say for certain I was far from the only user having entire Zigbee drop offs. It looks like most likely a problem with the SmartThings cloud at the time, however what is odd, shouldn’t my devices run locally since I am on the ADT hub?

I had a similar issue , i ended up having to reset my hub as mine was a ZigBee channel issue. The symptoms were the ZigBee controller in the Hub was broken ( from ST support ) however after a reset the hardware was fine. I would have moved away from ST if i could have at this point due to the lack of a backup / restore function but nothing can compete