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All my Zigbee devices just gone Unavailable


I am in UK with 25 mixed Samsung SmartThings ZigBee sensors and outlets and Aeotec Z-Wave switch devices.

Earlier this evening I noticed that all my Samsung SmartThings ZigBee devices both battery powered motion and multi sensors and mains powered outlets have stopped working and are showing Unavailable.

The Z-Wave Aeotec switches continue to work and be controlled using the SmartThings app.

I have restarted my hub and the status led is green.


Is anyone experiencing this issue right now?

Has anyone experienced this issue previously?

(Tobias) #2

Jup, all of my ZigBee devices are unresponsive and/or show unavailable for hours now. Z-wave and HTTP unaffected, also rebooted hub multiple times. It’s way after 2am here though and I’ll investigate further tomorrow morning.

Also UK hub btw.

(Topher Mori) #3

I’m in Canada. All of my ZigBee devices have been offline for 2 days now. Tried everything and can’t get them to respond. I’m on the Gen 1 hub.

(Tobias) #4

As of this morning, all of them work again. Don’t know what happend and don’t know why they’re working again. :man_shrugging:

(Aaron) #5

Did you do anything to fix this or did it just fix itself? I lost every Zigbee device I have today at 3:38 but all the Zwave devices are still working.