Devices dropping... found out you can get them to reconnect without touching them

So I have about 30 devices on a V1 hub. Lately random devices have been showing up “Unavailable”. For about a month, I have been visiting the device location and either switching the device on and off or open and closing the door the sensor is on and it will become “Available” again. Big PITA and very frustrating. This morning, I noticed that if I select the specific device in the mobile app, and then go briefly into the configuration and click “done”… the device will reconnect. That tells me it is something with the back end.

Any suggestions?

Keith M.

I was having the same problem a few weeks ago, particularly with Zigbee devices. Wish I would have seen your fix earlier. I kept going around and pulling the batteries to reset them. All of a sudden, since last week, I’m not having that issue anymore. Maybe it was caused by an update?..I don’t know. The problem occurred for a couple weeks then disappeared.

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Same issue here with my SmartThings zigbee leak sensors 5 or 6 weeks ago. Also magically fixed a week or two ago.

Still have the issue with one of two Kwikset Z-Wave locks. Just one of them. Every two days it goes unavailable but I can send commands using ActionTiles and it works fine. Support wasn’t any help other then to say “well it still technically works so its just a annoyance that it shows unavailable”.

I have been carefully monitoring this issue. It is only with “on/off” devices… switches or outlets. The “open/close” sensors don’t seem to be experiencing the issue. There is no rhyme or reason to which devices go “unavailable”. It is not an “out of range” issue as I have several devices in the same room as the hub and still experience the issue. Once I select the device that is showing “unavailable” and hit the X in the upper right, the status page will show up with the red bar across the top… yet the device will take a command to “turn on” and then go active. Very frustrating. I am very close to ripping Smartthing out of my house and trying another brand (Iris?)

I think they are definitely having some back-end issues…I have several devices that are going offline, but when I check them…they are ok…this is only in the last few days…before that, I rarely had this issue.

I just noticed my back porch switch hasn’t communicated since 10/5, I managed to get it online but no dice controlling it from the ST app.