All my F-CAM-VF-1 not working anymore

Hey anyone else having the same issue?
Suddenly all my Vodafone F-CAM-VF-1 not working any more. Also if I reset and add them again I’m getting an error code 32-201 with the message to check my WiFi connection. My WiFi is working 100% it must be something else. And yes I paid for V-Home safety subscription.

Presumably you must get onto Vodafone here? I had one of these but could never use it, gave the error you have, as I didn’t want a subscription with Vodafone. Always understood that they were hardware locked.

Just reading on the Vodafone Smart App that the V-Home device including the cameras will go native on Smartthing by end October. Not sure now if this is the reason for my issues. Anyone here who can confirm this?

You were well informed!
Just found this morning that V-Home Monitor had disappeared, with an invitation to install the ST Home Monitor.
Had to install and reconfigure.
Never used Vodafone, nor was that any problem, but now have disappeared the Vodafone icons from each page :ok_hand:

Did your Aeotec 360 's go native ST now that the Vodafone subscription no longer applies?

Still not working my cameras. Showing all as offline. A reset and trying to add them again results to an error straight after reading the QR of the cameras. Very bad I lost with this my 5 smartthings cams. If I need now to spend money on this again I will think of to change to another platform.

So the information from the Vodafone app is just a meaningless PR.:-1:

Must be different depending on zone… Today I got hold of a Vodafone marketed Aeotec 360 Cam (marked as such, VF on the serial number) and using the QR paired it. It protested that I had to reinstall the STHM instead of the V-Home version - something I had already done and posted earlier - and it now runs, streaming on the device tile, with 24hr cloud storage.

Contact Smartthings support.
From the Smartthings app, menu, contact us, send feedback error reports, select devices Smartthings camera.

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