All Hue lights stopped responding (now working again after power cycle)

As of this morning, all my hue lights suddenly stopped responding to any ST command (neither by manual command nor by Smartapp)

They work fine in the Phillips Hue App.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this lovely turn of events.

Ok, all working again after I cycled power on the hue hub and my V1 ST hub.

I notice that Philips put out an update on the iOS Hue app yesterday, so maybe that had something to do with it.

If anyone else experiences this, try cycling the power.

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Yesterday I hosed up my integration while trying to add new bulbs. support helped me clean up the mess by removing the hue connect and the bridge. Reinstalled the hues (which was smooth) but was surprised to see even though the bulbs were in the ST land, it couldn’t control them. So, I rebooted the hue bridge as well as the ST hub. Life is good since then.

That’s what happened to me - ST appeared to receive / send the commands, but the lights didn’t respond to any of the commands. Very weird.