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All devices show "disconnected" except new TV


I am experiencing this too. Original hub, new app. The thing is, I use the app and control the device that says it is disconnected just fine! There is no reason it should say disconnected - it is a Z-Wave plug-in module that I use every night. It is on the quick-access of my phone so I would not have noticed it except that I slid down to access the light and hit it, but I saw that it said disconnected and it went to the full app dashboard instead, but I was able to operate it just fine. So now I cannot get it to stop showing disconnected meaning I have to go to the full dashboard every time to operate it, but it works fine. I tried the Edit/Update trick in both the developer web UI and in the Android App to no avail - it just wants to think that it is disconnected! Anybody else have any ideas? Hub shows disconnected too - if a power glitch caused this should I try a deep power cycle of the thing?

(Jason) #42

Mine fixed itself after about a month.


I figured out a fix. Pull the power on the hub and remove one of the batteries so that it is totally dead, give it a few seconds and then plug in the power and then the battery, and when the network realizes it is back up it will show everything as being connected again.

(Carl Folke Henschen Edman) #44

Thanks for passing on what worked for you. Sadly, it didn’t help me.

My v2 Hub in the new Smartthings IOS app still insists that about half my switches and sensors are disconnected. Meanwhile they show as connected in the Classic app, ActionTiles, the web interface, etc.

Amusingly(?) when I click on a “Disconnected” device in the new Smartthings app, it will actually correctly show the current status of the device before immediately going back to the previous screen because that is of course nonsense what with the device being “disconnected” and all.

(Kevin) #45

I thought I would post what finally ended up working for me.

I was in the same position of items showing disconnected on the app but showing they were online in the IDE. I could even control them from the app when it said it was disconnected.

I ended up deleting each item one at a time from the IDE and then adding it with the app on my phone. They are now all showing connected and working. This was a lot of work and I know I read where people said there was no way they would do all that work. But this is what worked for me. Before I did this I tried everything else discussed in this thread and nothing helped.

Good luck. I know it’s not the optimal answer and we shouldn’t have to do this but it is a way to get it working. I would suggesting trying one item first to see if you have the same results as I did.