All devices show "disconnected" except new TV

my issue started with the new app as well. Samsung smart watch shows the same as the new app disconnected on all devices except 3 and I have all GE ZWave devices. also location is not home for my devices I have to look at all devices to find them .

chatted with Samsung support and they were clueless and opened up a ticket. but I don’t have high hopes.

Perhaps the most infuriating thing about the new app is that if I click on one of the “disconnected” devices, it will actually briefly show its accurate current on/off state before flipping back to the previous screen nearly instantly. So the new app actually is in contact with those disconnected devices. It just won’t allow you to use them.

@Automated_House, any word on how to do this sync yourself or is the only way to call support and wait on line?

Gotta contact support

Will do. Thanks, @Automated_House!

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Not sure if this will work for a lot of folks but I had this issue this afternoon when I got home. I do have both the old and new apps on my phone and they both were working up until this morning. After doing the SmartThings update, I launched the old app and after selecting a deactivated device, it seemed to have a refresh option (Big circular backward arrow) on the screen. After selecting it a few times and cycling the switch on and off for each device, it eventually showed connected in both apps.

I’m curious if the devices showing disconnected have a checkinterval entry for them in the ide. That’s what device health uses to determine status.

I have a mix of standard and custom devices showing disconnected.

I can find no consistent link between checkinterval (based on the “standard” DTHs published in GitHub and showing disconnected.

I have the same.issue. some apps show up as disconnected in the new app but everything appears fine in ye ide & the old app. I hope samsung is at least attempting to get their act together.

I think this issue is fixed now. Everything shows up as connected in the new app.

I spoke to soon. Got home & some up disconnected. @SmartThings if you guys are reading this I hope you ate able to.fix this soon. If things keep continuing the way they are going i fear this forum will be a ghost town.

Same issue here. No fix yet. There seem to be a lot of annoying issues with Samsung’s app.

I also have the same issue. Most devices show disconnected. I called tech support with zero help. I am able to see in IDE they are all online and am able to control them from Alexa, but still show disconnected in ST. Support says they will escalate, They also suggested that I factory reset my hub, with 50 some devices, I don’t think so…
This is quite disappointing!,

Which version of hub? I had a similar issue, but wasn’t found in Alexa, classic app, or new app. I have a v2 hub, support found it to be a hw issue.

For me it is a v2 hub too. But my devices can be found in the web app, the old app, and various other interfaces (like the excellent ActionTiles, Alexa, IFTTT, etc.), so it seems highly unlikely to be a hardware problem for me.

Mine is version 2. I have mostly light switches and receptacles all of which are the same brand. The funny thing about it is that some of them show up and some of them don’t. Even though it says disconnected I can usually still control it through the app. There is no rhyme or reason that I can tell of why some of the receptacles show up and some don’t. Some of the plug-in receptacles are Samsung brand and they don’t show up. If it’s a hardware issue it’s related to the hub. Samsung needs to fix it. I was told to reset my hub as well and like the pervious post, I have a lot of devices I don’t want to reconnect. I’m honestly going to start looking into a local control device rather than the Samsung hub. Frequently enough my automations fail to trigger because the server is down or something. I’m assuming the old app used local control and maybe the new app uses cloud control. now I’ve been forced to setup automations and both apps to get them to trigger reliably. An annoyance with the new app is that I can’t use the automation as an on-off button for the automation. I have to go into the old app to do that

Piss poor development, qa, etc. Continually disappointed in the downward spiral of functionality and support of ST.

Just fixed my disconnected devices problem by rebooting the hub, I have a V2 hub from smartthings Kit and many LG switches and Samsung outlets. I rebooted the hub and all the devices are back to live.

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I wished that a reboot helped for me. I had Samsung identify a hw issues on my v2.

Agree, new app shows EVERYTHING as disconnected. Is there a solution? This thread seems long and no solution!!! I have newest hub and newest smartthing sensors…

What’s up with this company? I bought the wifi hub and wifi doesn’t work. Have the latest app and it does not work?!?!

Has there really been no resolution on this yet?