All devices disappeared

I was setting up my dads smart things. I had about 5 devices connected. Mostly door sensors. Went back next day because he wanted to add more devices and then all of them were gone from his account. I believe he was try add the app to a iPad and followed to initial set up steps so smart things thought he was connecting hub to a new account. So I was trying to RE add all his devices but they won’t connect. I also tried to do an exclude mode but the devices would not disconnect per the app. Amy help would appreciated

Figure out exactly what dad did to delete them. " Find " his old hub that you already included them in.

The devices are probably still included in your initial setup. With only 5 devices, I would just go to each device and reset it at the device, then try including it again.

There is no new hub as it was the same hub. He thought he had to use the code to add the app to his iPad. I did try resetting the power outlet and that didn’t not work. I followed the video on the smartthings app. I will try the door sensors tonight
Thank you. I will give it another shoot.

Contact the support will be the best choice

I didn’t mean an actual physical new hub. I meant whatever dad did when he tried to install it to make it lose the hub you already set up.

Cool. Thank you for the input.

I just created an email ticket. Thank you