Alexa unable to connect to SmartThings

Hello - up until a few days ago, everything was working great with Alexa, and I had my ST setup connected so that I could turn on the TV through her. However, now I get an error that says “Hmmm - I am not able to connect to SmartTHings”. I didn’t make any changes, so it is weird.

I have unlinked and relinked the ST skill in Alexa, reran discovery and updated both my Logitech and Alexa smartapps in ST. (basically just going through the setup again until it says it was completed).

Any ideas? Is anyone else having this problem? I suspect it is related to the recent update to allow routines, but I didn’t want it to break what already worked! Ironically, it happened while I was on a business trip to China, so my wife wasn’t too happy. Perfect timing!

A lot of people are reporting issues with Alexa. Use this thread instead:

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Unplug echoes and plug back up… then say Alexa discover devices

Same problem here. I can also see below error for Alexa in Smartthings.

06:52:02: error Hub is offline.

how I semi fixed my smartthings issues with alexa was to log into alexa via my PC browser. There I went to the scenes section under smart home and selected forget all. I removed alexa from smartthings as well. Also don’t forget to remove the smartthings skill. once all of that has been done, you can now activate the smartthings skill again. make sure you log in via the smartthings login and not the Samsung login. Once you do that go to smarthings and go to one of your devices. I went to a harmony activity. Then under there I was able to see the alexa app. I made sure everything was enabled there. Once done I went back to the alexa app and discovered devices. all started to show and connect again. Only issue I have is when I try to find an activity related to harmony, alexa will say it is having issues communicating with smartthings but the activity will start. like “turn on xbox” but when I try to turn off the devices it does not work at all. I usually get a beep. It is very annoying but the key feature for me to work was have the devices turn on. From there I just use my smartphone to navigate to what I want and turn off.

I haven’t done anything you have suggested above, but I have the exact behaviour as you.
Harmony activities start eventhough Alexa says its having trouble communicating.
Devices like lights don’t start.
I have seen that LifX bulbs even though configured in Alexa via Smartthings work fine without any error messages.

Did this get any better? I’m still getting “Hub Offline”, which is impossible, as the hub is definitely online!!