Alexa Lost Contact

All of a sudden Alexa cannot see any Smart Hub devices. The Smart Hub devices show in Alexa but are listed as offline. Alexa tells me to disable the skill and re-enable it. I’ve done that, but it does not help.

What’s happened?

Try rebooting your ST Hub. If it is a v2 Hub, be sure to remove the batteries as well. I have had this issue before and a hub reboot was the only thing that fixed it. Others have observed the same behavior as well.

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Before doing that, check that you’re not accidentally changed the access rights in the Alexa smartapp in Smartthings.

Have you converted your Smartthings account over to a Samsung account recently? If so, it could be a authentication issue. Some have had to:

  1. Disable/sign out of the smartthings skill on alexa
  2. Kill the app
  3. Reopen the app
  4. Enable the skill using the new Samsung login credentials
  5. Go into the Smartthings app and re-configure the devices that should have access via Alexa
  6. Ask Alexa to Discover Devices

Let me know if that helps!

I had the same identical thing happened. I removed/disabled the ST skill in Echo then re-enabled and all was fine.

If you have any re-names, or some custom groups you might lose them.

I am having the same issue. Alexa will no longer control my lights. I’ve removed the skill from Alexa and reinstalled it and relinked it to my Smartthings account. No change.

It worked last night, stopped working this morning.

In the Alexa app it says “Skill unresponsive” when I try to control items. All the items are still listed there.

When discovering new devices nothing new is discovered.

The Amazon Alexa SmartApp in the Smartthings app is still marked “Allow Alexa to access all devices, scenes, and routines.” There are no other options besides Uninstall.

Standby, I thought it was just me but could be wider spread then, @Brad_ST helped me solve it and grabbed the logs at the same time.

For me the “Amazon Alexa” smartapp was completely missing from smartapp list (classic app, not yet migrated accounts either), though from the Alexa app the SmartThings ‘skill’ still thought it was ‘Linked’.

In the end in the Alexa app I disabled the skill, enabled the skill, re-linked it to SmartThings and oddly it said it was successful but then when I closed the “browser window” within the Alexa app it also said it failed, the device discovery there didn’t find anything either.

So back to the SmartThings app I could now see the Amazon Alexa skill so I went in there, set my options again, clicked save/next and then asked Alexa to do another device discovery and now I’m completely back to where I was before and everything is working.