Alexa, smartthings isn't responding

I’m currently experiencing “Smartthings isn’t responding” from Alexa/Echo, but I’m also unable to log in to my iOS mobile app. According to - everything is operational?

Same here.

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12Feb - just found this thread. Started having the same issue “smart things isn’t responding“ today. Problem popped up out of the blue as all things have been working perfectly with Alexa. Alexa and a Gratian and all device drivers are current. Running iOS 11+ and up to date. Opening a ticket now. Will advise when resolved.

Some users are seeing platform issues today…

Yeah, I just f**king fixed my ceiling fan, and now ST is on the fritz. Figures! :confounded:

i get this error all the time normally when im trying to turn a light on or off , just keep shouting at alexa and it eventually works, probably a timeout somewhere. it has been getting more frequent though

13MAR - status update. The system is back online and seems to be running faster than it ever has. Alexa waits for me to finish the sentence and smart things executes it immediately. A remaining anomaly is when I ask Alexa to lock a door (schlage), she replies “Locking… hang on. Sm” and stops mid word. When asking Alexa if a door is locked, I get no response from Alexa. I’ll wait for a dozen hours and re-exam the system.

I am getting a large number of “Smartthings isn’t responding” when trying to launch scenes via Alexa. It is getting quite annoying and Alexa is getting cursed (when the kids are not around) quite a bit!

Does anyone have any recommendations for alternative hubs/solutions.
I need Z-Wave and ZigBee.

I used to love ST but it is an unusable MESS at this point.
Sorry but I don’t have time to troubleshoot and reconnect all my devices EVER WEEKEND.

Having issues with Alexa and ST as well. Tried disabling the skill, rediscovered the devices in Alexa. Still can’t control them. Thanks