Alexa - problem with Smartthings


(Jeff) #1

Every single day I will randomly get one of my Echoes or Echo Dots to reply back “Smartthings isn’t responding”. I will do the ‘alexa discover devices’ and even before it says that it didn’t find any new devices the exact thing I needed it to do when it said it wasn’t responding starts working.

I have the v2 hub and have the latest firmware as of 8 Feb 2018; I have also pulled batteries and power and done a reboot all to no avail. Smartthings support has logged at the api log and can’t find anything.

Momma isn’t happy so since I have an echo in my media room I have set a windows schedule to play a .mp3 file of me saying “Alexa discover devices” every 4 hours and that’s how it’s working right now but that is a faildog way to do it.

Anyone else know why this would be happening?

(Eric) #2

like for “faildog”


I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved:

Does the action actually occur even though you get the message that it isn’t responding?

If so, that’s just a timing issue, it happens to quite a few people. Smartthings takes too long to get the response back to Amazon, Even though it did get the request and did perform it. There are several places where this can happen: your own Wi-Fi, Internet traffic to and from the cloud, or the fact that what you are asking is complex and involves multiple devices and actions.

Anyway, If it just happens once in a while, but the action does get performed, it’s just an annoyance and you can probably ignore it. If it’s happening frequently, I’d start looking at ways to reduce lag in the process, including checking your Wi-Fi quality.

If the action doesn’t get performed, though, that’s an entirely different situation, and I would put in a support ticket at SmartThings and see what they can see on their side.

(John P. Hoke) #4

I have had this happen recently when there are two alexa devices in proximity I say “Alexa Turn on Kitchen Light” and one appears to execute the command and the other reports it had issues

The other experiences are similar to what @JDRoberts describes - the action happens but the response back to Amazon got lost on the interwebs somewhere …

(Jeff) #5

Hi @JDRoberts – thanks for the reply. I have had it happen both ways (says it’s not responding and executes anyway, and says its not responding and does nada). The latter are the ones that I’m wanting to resolve - I was hardheaded and asked Alexa to turn the switch on no fewer than 30 times, getting the same ‘smartthings isn’t responding’ each time - even going to other Echos and Dots (I have a dozen in the house) and no love anywhere. Momma threatened to wetwilly me so I had to stop.

I’ve put a support ticket in some time back and they said they had patched it but indeed it came back which makes me a sad panda.

(Jeff) #6

Hi @JohnHoke – so if I’m tracking you, there hasn’t been any times where you say do something, it says ST isn’t responding and it goes off into the ether to never happen?

The weird thing is that I’ll say “do this” it says “no responding” and I’ll go into another room tell it to discover devices go back (3 seconds literally) later say again “do this” and voila it works. That’s all I have to do. Seems like ST goes to sleep our tells Alexa to pound sand.

(John P. Hoke) #7

Sorry … let me be clear (and not as tired )

I have multiple Echos - two that always seem to act up are the one in my family room and kitchen - open floor plan and they are near enough apparently to piss off me and my wife so will be trying to better locate them …

If I say standing in the middle “Echo Turn On XYZ” one of the devices (randomly it seems) will say “Ok” and do nothing. The other will say “SmartThings is not responding”

At the end of the day XYZ is not on

(Jeff) #8

Ok @JohnHoke I am tracking. I have seen this behavior before as well (IE one says “Ok” and nothing happens) but I’d prefer that over “SmartThings isn’t responding” and then using Discover Devices makes it work again. That tells me something is going dormant that needs to be jogged daily and this is only in the past maybe 4-5 months so I’m thinking firmware for the hub is the likely culprit. Right now I have a PC that has a timer to play SmartThingsFails.mp3 every 4 hours into a small speaker sat next to an alexa in a back room to tell it to discover devices so that it works like it did last year. Yay for upgrades! (Just kidding, this sucks that I have to ghetto-rig this although when I show anyone what I have to do they laugh and accept my recommendation if they want something right now to instead buy something not ST like Insteon instead).