Alexa/Sengled Element BR30 Smart Bulb, No longer working

OK so all I get is “Bathroom lights not responding from Alexa”, this is two Sengled Element BR30 smartbulbs, Alexa has controlled these without fail for the past two months and starting last night she comes up with this phrasing about how they are not responding, if you quickly follow with the same command to turn them on she turns them on.

This is also happening in my living room with another pair of Sengled Bulbs, that were installed the same day as the bathroom ones. I have been with tech support on chat and done the whole uninstall, reinstall , power done the hub, ect ect.
The tech made it seem like the problem was really rare and honestly told me it was a local problem so I am basically on my own here. Also overnight for the first time Light switches are disconnecting themselves from smartthings, this has also NEVER happened to me before. It makes me wonder how does all this suddenly begin to happen when there have been no changes to my current setup? I have close to 30 devices that smartthings takes care of, it does a nice job of this however something is not right with its integration with Alexa. I made the bad move of making voice control necessary in some areas of my home as light switches ended up being where a shower door opens and closes and now my wife is getting a little frustrated with me that my “smarthome” is not so smart anymore. Just wondering if anybody else has had this issue?


Quite a few people are reporting Alexa problems that may be similar to what you’re seeing. See the following thread:

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